Club Position Responsibilities


Monthly Duties of the President:

  • Remind members to pay their dues in a timely manner
  • Ensure rosters are up-to-date and keep e-mail group mail current
  • Recruit new members and announce to other members
  • Distribute all correspondence to parents in the appropriate classes
  • Ensure hats/shirts/pins and cadet gifts are being ordered
  • Ensure events are being planned and publicized
  • Publish newsletters at least quarterly
  • Prepare and handle the Doolie Brunch
  • Monitor the funds
  • Ensure distribution of newsletters, invitations, etc, are being mailed to those people who do not have e-mail
  • Encourage and support participation in fundraising events
  • Keep permanent records of all activities, expenditures, and revenues

Specific Duties of the President by Month:


  • Appoint committee members
  • Ensure USAFA knows of new president
  • Change signature authority with bank
  • Submit POLARIS ad to Cadet Wing Media


  • Hold Executive Board meeting
  • Start collecting names of new appointees
  • Arrange for speaker at Doolie Brunch (typically held second Sunday in June)
  • Meet with ALO and Scott AFB officer in charge of OpsAF (can help with Brunch)


  • Send Spring Finals goodies to cadets
  • Ensure Secretary/Treasurer is working on the annual submission to the IRS (due July 15)
  • Invite appointees and parents to Doolie Brunch
  • Ensure you have enough help for the Doolie Brunch


  • Conduct Doolie Brunch
  • Submit Annual Report to the IRS – VERY IMPORTANT


  • Ensure August picnic is being planned
  • Ensure Football tickets are being ordered
  • Submit Annual Registration Report to State of Missouri – VERY IMPORTANT


  • Conduct August Picnic – brief members on Parents Weekend
  • Attend Presidents’ meeting at USAFA (in conjunction with Parents Weekend)


  • Send mid-semester encouragement gifts to cadets


  • Conduct Halloween Candy Meeting


  • Start recruiting people to be President and Secretary/Treasurer for following year


  • Send Fall Finals gifts to cadets
  • Attend All Academies Ball and present the cadets
  • Call Missy at Scott Club to reserve second Sunday in June for Doolie Brunch


  • Host Winter meeting
  • Donate to Rando Fund


  • Send Valentine’s gifts to cadets


  • Send Recognition gifts to Fourthclass cadets
  • Conduct March meeting to honor Graduates and their Parents

Class Representative

  • Act as primary Point of Contact for Parents Club members of the particular class
  • Contact Class Members for reminders of upcoming meetings
  • Contact & Recruit Class members for staffing fundraising events
  • Organize/host one Parent’s Club meeting as follows:
    • Senior Class: October
    • Junior Class: March Brunch
    • Sophomore Class: August Picnic
    • Freshman Class: January Meeting

Mug Sales Chairperson

Generally responsible for:

  • Requesting official use of the Class Crest from the AOG
  • Obtaining the vector file art to be tranfered onto the mugs
  • Ordering the mugs
  • Receiving payments for mugs
  • packaging and shipping the mugs
  • keeping a record of checks incoming for mugs
  • keeping record of total postage and expenses for mailing
  • Handling requests for replacements of broken mugs.

Scottrade fundraising coordinator

This person must attend a training meeting on behalf of our parents’ club at Scottrade
Center at the beginning of the Blues’ season (August or September). The games start in
Oct. We can work as many games as the volunteers want. We typically try to do one
event a month. The coordinator works with the Scottrade Center coordinator to
schedule which events will be worked and organizes volunteers for each event. This
person distributes the information, such as the rules, guidelines, dress code,
and alcohol compliance information to the volunteers and makes sure we are in
compliance. The coordinator needs to be at the events an hour early to get the cash
set up and to do inventory before the rest of the volunteers arrive at the Scottrade
Center. This works well if there is a team of two (doesn’t have to be husband and
wife, but that works too).


The workload of maintaining the website is very light. The site currently uses WordPress for designing and publishing pages.   The site is hosted by Dream Host.  It’s helpful if the webmaster has access to Office because much of what is sent from other officers will be Excel and Word documents.

Shirt Chairperson

This person would coordinate the order and delivery of shirts with our club logo. Orders and payment are usually taken at the Doolie Brunch. The order deadline is in early July, depending on the supplier, so they can be distributed by early August. This will make them available for Parents Weekend. The Shirt Chairperson would work with the Secretary/Treasurer since the shirts are paid for when they are ordered. For the past two years, Lettermen’s in Mascoutah, IL, has been used as the supplier because the previous chairperson lived there and had positive experience with the store.


Maintains club roster and club records binder, take and distribute meeting minutes, obtain/mail quarterly cadet gifts, send out donation tax letters, collect membership forms and dues, obtain office supplies.


Deposits cash/checks in a timely manner, writes checks and uses club debit card for expenses, files annual online reports with IRS & Missouri Secretary of State, maintains financial reports in pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet, reconcile bank statements to Excel monthly, present financial report at club meetings,