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Acceptance (A Day): After completion of Basic Cadet Training (BCT), Basic Cadets are accepted into the cadet wing and receive their shoulder boards with “clouds.”
Aerobic Fitness Test (AFT): A 1.5 mile run used to gauge cadets’ aerobic fitness, administered each semester.
Air Officer Commanding (AOC): Officer in charge of a cadet squadron or a cadet group. In the case of a Cadet Squadron, the AOC is generally a major. In the case of a Cadet Group, the AOC is usually a Lieutenant Colonel.
Basic Cadet: A new cadet who has entered Basic Cadet Training, but has not been accepted into the Cadet Wing. Basic Cadets are often referred to by uperclassmen simply as “Basics”.
Beast: Basic Cadet Training (BCT).
Cadre: Upperclass cadets in leadership or training roles in certain cadet programs. The most common usage is to refer to those upperclassmen who are working BCT. BCT cadre are subdivided to distinguish “Squadron Cadre”, who are assigned to BCT squadrons, and “Course Cadre”, who are assigned to specific courses or training functions.
Cadet Squadron (CS): The Cadet Wing is organized into 4 Groups of 10 Squadrons each.
First Beast (BCT 1): The first half of BCT when cadets learn basic military skills and undergo physical conditioning.
Second Beast: The second half of BCT held in Jack’s Valley. Basic Cadets march to and from Jack’s Valley; while there, they erect tents, where they live during Second Beast. During this portion of BCT, basics complete the Obstacle Course, the Leadership Reaction Course, the Assault Course, the Confidence Course, and compete in the Big Bad Basic competition.